Rhythm Rascal

Rhythm Rascal 2.5

Drum Machine Emulator

Rhythm Rascal is a musical application tool that simulates the functions of a drum machine. It is a virtual drum machine that is programmable to play any style or type of music.

Rhythm Rascal is capable of creating an unlimited number of drum patterns within an audio track. This program contains complex drum pattern samples that are also editable.

You can customize your own drum patterns and have the tempo and meter defined. This tool also allows importing of audio samples in WAV format.

Imported audio can also be customized by tweaking the volume levels and audio panning. Rhythm Rascal supports output in WAV format that is readily available for playback with any media player.

The output can also be imported to a multi-track audio mixing software program in MIDI 0 or1 formats. This product also includes support for odd time signatures on complex audio compositions, pattern creation visually or interactively in real time, copying and pasting sequences and importing and exporting ZIP files for archiving or for storage.